Flexible and Expandable VOIP Business Phone Systems and PBX’s Systems

Don’t Make the Mistake of Buying an Old Fashion,
Expensive and Obsolete Phone System

Using State of the Art VOIP Computer Technologies
You can have a Feature Rich PBX
Business Phone System
that you can
Never Out-grow.


You can Save Even More by By-passing Verizon’s Monopoly and purchasing your phone service from one of hundreds of providers competing for your business offering Unlimited “Global” Long Distance and Toll Free Numbers at one Low Flat Fixed Rate.

With Unlimited Service Starting @ about $30 a month Including phone service


You owe it to yourself to see how this can save your business BIG MONEY!!


Open-Source Software and Open Standards Hardware Give You Freedom

By Avoiding the Pit-Falls of Being “Locked-In” to a Certain Vendor’s Line
With Built-in Limits to how many phones or how many incoming lines
Get a Phone System that can GROW with You!


Get a System that Lets You Choose: 

What Hardware You Want
From the Vendors You Want
With the Features You Want.


Look at All the Features Available, Many Free, to Help Your Business Communications

  • Auto-Attendant
  • Day and night modes
  • Voicemail
  • Separate away and unavailable greetings
  • Default or custom greetings
  • Email notification and receipt of voice mail
  • Voicemail forwarding
  • Web interface for checking voicemail
  • Multiple mail folders
  • Visual waiting indicator
  • Call detail records
  • Flexible extension logic
  • Terminate extensions to regular phone lines or cell phone
  • Music on hold
  • Music on transfer
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID blocking
  • Caller ID on Call waiting
  • Call transfer
  • Web based management console
  • 3 way calling / call conferencing
  • Find Me calling Service
  • Extensions in Remote Locations
  • International Virtual Numbers
  • Toll Free Numbers
  • And Lots More

Call 941-545-7508 Now for More Info

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